Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peter Pan Syndrome

Was at a networking event earlier this week.  Again, met many nice young ladies that can't find a decent guy to save their lives.  One mentioned the Peter Pan Syndrome (never wanting to grow up), which is prevalent (according to her).  Her reasoning:
  • Many people do not plan on living in SF forever
  • It's too difficult to buy a house, raise a family, etc. without a TON of cash
  • Organizations here are pretty flat, so career wise, not much room for growth
Time to think about moving again!

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  1. These are good points. Also, a lot of men here in dedicate a significant amount of time post-college to starting/running their own companies. By the time they're ready to start a relationship, they're in their mid-30s and have had zero experience courting women.

    Also, the abundance of adventuresome activities that guys can do with their buddies and not seem "gay" (heaven forbid) are abundant here - skiing, hiking, surfing, etc. Who needs women?