Friday, July 15, 2011


Yeah, that's right, wtf????  I am finally ready to talk about the other date from the past weekend.  The guy is great on paper, tall, white, well educated, funny, etc.  However, he talks like a valley girl.  Yeah, for f*cking real.  I think I am pssed at SF guys.  This is not the first guy I have met up with who talks like a girl.  Holy f*cking sh*t.  This could mean several different things:
  1. There are a lot of gay guys in SF and do not realize they are gay yet
  2. I am only meeting guys who could be gay
  3. These guys I think are gay because of mannerisms, speech patterns, etc are actually straight (this is the scariest possibility)
Why is #3 the scariest possibility?  Because that would mean the categories for organizing people would fall into: heterosexual, homosexual, and heterosexual homosexual?  This can't be right!!  I have been wracking my brain trying to think of women out there who act like guys, speak like guys, sound like guys, etc and AREN'T lesbians.  I cannot think of one.  I have also been thinking about flaming gay guys I know (no disrespect and no offense, many of these flaming guys admit they are flaming guys) who aren't actually gay.

Bottom line, wtf???  What is happening?  It's no okay for straight guys to behave like gay guys?  Or gay guys to really deny they are gay?  Or all I meet are gay guys?  I am really starting to think it is time for a new city...

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