Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Okay, Fine, I Read It

Okay, fine, I read that New Yorker article because none of you wanted to read it for me.  It was sooooo long that I had to break it up into five different sections.  I believe it was over 10,000 words; hope the author got paid by the word.

Anyway, I think the article was arguing that online dating is actually a pretty good way to find a match.  For example, Okcupid has huge amounts of data which they use to create statistically significant theories/algorithims.  I think I am going a bit too nerd right now and no, I cannot say with 95% certainty that I am summarizing all the points correctly.  However, I do know the article talked about how online dating could really help folks find their match.  Enough for me, let's do this.

By the way, Okcupid was started by a bunch of Harvard math guys (they love data).  Okcupid was bought by match.com.  I think it would be safe to assume that match.com has integrated some of the okcupid data handling techniques.

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