Monday, July 11, 2011

I Need To Process

I need to process exactly what happened this weekend. 

A new girlfriend happened to be with a guy she thinks is perfect for me (this was Friday night).  She is obviously a new friend since the guy she brought with her is Asian.  I really have given Asian guys a chance.  It all boils down to: I am not interested.  0 spark.  That's too bad because this Asian boy is ridiculously rich.  We also agree on some stuff and he is nice.

I am really convinced everyone has a type.  My type is not Asian, truly unfortunate since I live in San Francisco.  This place is 50% Asian??


  1. OMG, this is crazy how I just found your blog. I'm a single girl in my late 20s (visiting the Bay on business) from Atlanta. The thing is, I only like dating Asian guys, especially if they're tall maybe 5'10+ ish. If I knew you, I'd tell you to send this Asian guy my way. ;)

  2. Most of the time the really rich Asian guys are around 5'7." Have fun, I think this will be a good trip for you!