Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh, Let's Go!

I am in it to win it. Let's go!!

I can say with an 80% confidence interval that Rocketman is indeed interested in me. Let's see, it's Monday and raining, but he went to salsa class. That must mean a couple of things
  1. His weekend was unsuccessful (didn't meet any cool girls at the bars) and/or 
  2. He wanted to see me and/or 
  3. He couldn't stop thinking about salsa this entire weekend
Hmm. I learned he is not the type to throw in the towel easily. Perfect! I am not even close to being easy to get; I see nothing wrong with being picky. We danced together once. I caught him glancing over a couple of times and blatantly staring. After class, he practically ran out of the building while trying to seem important (playing with the phone) and haphazardly said goodbye.

Well buddy, I am on to you!! Trying to play cool much?

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