Thursday, May 14, 2015

Proximity And Exposure

I read this and thought this would be interesting to share.  Proximity (distance) and exposure (frequency) amplify your existing feelings.  For example, that annoying coworker you can't stand.  The more you see him/her nearby, the more you want to strangle him/her.  Another example, that guy you really like.  The more you see him nearby, the more you like him.


  1. Truth! It can also work the other way, with crushes at least. The further away and less you see him, the stronger your feelings get (because you build him up in your head - so the feeling may not be totally legit). Ok maybe I'm in a "psych myself out" phase right now...

    1. Hi TJ, for me, with crushes, the excitement and building him up when I don't see him doesn't last very long if I don't see him again soon. How long does it last for you? Sounds like you have a new prospect on your horizon ;)