Friday, May 15, 2015

NYT Modern Love

Saw this on facebook and skimmed it.  It talks about being sorta together with someone.  In my opinion, someone who just doesn't seem interested enough.  It's late and I've had a few drinks.  Will write more later.


  1. Haha are we on the same brainwave? I just wrote about this (well, one of the other essays) yesterday. What one of my friends posted in response, which I think sums up my feelings as well: "I don't really know that a lack of labels is so much the issue as a lack of intention and commitment. As discussed in Whatever... Love is Love, labels often fail us. What this relationship would need to grow is open communication about shared feelings and desires, not "boyfriend/girlfriend" slapped on the top of it so two parties can project their individual, uncommunicated meanings onto THAT vessel instead."

    1. I found some of those essays to be really interesting! Yes, lack of intention and commitment. Would intention be the same as level of interest? Labels can be important in terms of getting closure if it should end...