Friday, May 29, 2015

A Good Example Of A Reappearing Guy

I wasn't going to talk about Smart Guy again, but I do think he's a good example of a guy who keeps coming back.  (Background for new readers, we went on several dates in 2012, I was never his girlfriend - so, we weren't in a relationship, and I stopped responding to his messages.  Most of him is great on paper, late 30s, 6'+ tall, affectionate, attorney, lives in Peninsula/Silicon Valley, Ivy law school, works at a prestigious firm, likes to argue, socially awkward, condescending, et al.)

He emailed me a few weeks ago.  I'm still not responding to him (and never will) because I don't want to date/see him and he doesn't deserve a response.  I don't give him much thought (though I used to get angry when I heard from him), now I laugh my *ss off at his ludicrous messages.

So, why do I think he keeps reappearing even though I haven't responded to a message since 2012?  I suspect he's bored, I know he's socially awkward, and he probably hasn't found "better."


  1. I kinda sounds like he wants to reconnect. Dudes do some stupud shit and that usually ends up hurting the women they care about. Most of them aren't bad, they just don't have any handle on their feelings. If he did something unforgivable, I get it, but maybe you should write back. And get an opportunity to say the things you never got to before. Or don't. :) either way i'll keep reading!


    1. Thanks for the comment! When he first started reappearing, I did think about replying (to tell him no, not interested). Then I remembered he wasn't a very nice guy and did do some stupid sh*t. Even if he apologized (which he hasn't), I still wouldn't talk to him because I like positive people and he's unmistakably not