Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 Reasons Why Guys Keep Coming Back

I was thinking about comments from Tuesday's post and came up why I think guys reappear, so...

5 Reasons Why Guys Keep Coming Back:
  1. He's bored - work is slow, no one has replied to his OkC emails in months, his best friend moved away, yadda yadda
  2. He's been hit with spring fever, it's almost the holidays, et al - seasonal
  3. He's socially awkward - doesn't understand social cues/norms ("Leave me alone" means "Leave me alone")
  4. He sees you as a challenge and likes challenges - also tied with ego "How could she not be interested in me????"
  5. He hasn't found "better" - operating under his definition of "better" and whatever qualities he looks for
I think this list applies to all women who have that guy or those guys who keep reappearing after she said no to a date, went on a date, went on a few dates, made her boyfriend, made her fiance...

I believe most of the guys who reappear in my life do so because they are bored (and the things that go with that); I don't take them very seriously.  If I've actually gone on a few dates with them and they contact me very often, I might start think it's because they haven't found "better."  No, I am not saying I am better than the other women (perhaps I am, perhaps I'm not).  I'm saying they came to the conclusion that I am "better," which is why they keep coming back even though I almost never respond. 

Ladies, don't be disappointed if guys don't reappear in your life very much, it's a good thing they don't.


  1. I googled "SF dating blog" because I'm also in my 30s in SF and wanted to start writing about the absurd experiences I have had here. This post especially is SO relevant, I love it!

  2. Yes, I moved here a few years ago and still experience PTSD from my dates in SF compared to the midwest. Your blog makes me realize I'm not insane. :)

    1. LOL! You are not insane :) Sorry you also have bad dating experiences here