Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Go Much Older?

A new girlfriend of mine who is my age (mid 30s) married a man in his 50s.  She is incredibly happy, they've been married for five or six years.  I just met him, he is sweet.  I thought, hmm, I like older guys, maybe I should go much older.  Well, ask and you shall receive.

The man I met is also in his 50s and he's really trying.  He respects my time and is chivalrous.  The guys I've been interacting with (mid 30s- mid 40s) are spur of the moment, which I think is obnoxious.  Texting at 4:40 pm to meet up for happy hour at 5pm, emailing me at 10 am on a Saturday for dinner at 7 pm, etc.  On a Saturday?  Okay, thanks for trying to make me a backup because someone else fell through, no thank you.  Even if that wasn't the case, still obnoxious because it illustrates the lack of respect for my time and assumes that I will be free or make myself free to see him.  (This is someone I saw months ago and I never agreed to a second date.) 


  1. Makes sense. Most people in their 30s-40s are busy charging ahead in their careers and work with dynamic responsibilities, etc. Generally people in their 50s are no longer climbing the corporate ladder or have anything else to prove - more thoughts towards retirement and steady-state. Dating someone in your same age range 30s-40s would be like dating yourself - no quarter given or allowances, whereas someone in their 50s would be in a better position to indulge that kind of 30-40 year old behavior.

  2. Makes sense. I think the older a person gets, the less into game-playing they are. They start to realize "Hey, if I don't want to be alone, I should stop fucking around all of the time." They are also generally more respectful of other people and their time. Younger folks are more "me me me." I know that's generalizing, but from my experience it seems true.

    Hope you're enjoying this storm! ;) Seems crazy to me, being from New England and all.

    1. Will you be going older too? ;) Never thought my target would be much older, I'm open to it!

      Thanks, you too! It seems okay out there...

    2. AG - I'm not actively seeking older guys, but I'm not going to rule one out if it's a good fit. It's good that you're willing to entertain the idea of older men. You may be pleasantly surprised!

      Considering half of SF is without power, including part of the FiDi (not my building though) and where I live, I could be doing worse. Looking forward to my building's holiday party later. Will need a drink! lol

    3. Oh no, sorry about the power outage!

      I'm taking a break from dating, every time I say this... ;)

      Have a great time at your holiday party tonight!

  3. I couldn't go older. I'm young at heart, I still want impulsive adventures and I want to date someone at the same life stage as me. I want to be able to build a life together, rather than me fitting into his already very settled life. To each their own.

  4. Business insider just did an article on this.

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