Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coffee Meets Bagel Update

I've had Coffee Meets Bagel for eight months (or something around that) have "liked" about 20% of my bagels (this 20% is a bit inflated because I hit "like" more than I actually liked), have been contacted by maybe 50% of those bagels, and have only been on THREE dates.  If it wasn't free, I'd be mad.

In the beginning it seemed like a fresh batch of guys, but now that everyone is on it, don't think the guys are much different from the ones who already on Tinder, OkC, Match, etc.


  1. I think those stats are sadly normal. I went out on 3 CMB dates over the course of a year. I matched with probably 8. Less than half reached out to me first, I reached out to a few, and most often the conversation just dropped.

    1. Do your friends in other cities have better stats? Wonder if it's an SF thing we've experienced

    2. I'm not sure if my friends in other cities use CMB. A lot use Hinge.

  2. I tried CMB for a few weeks in NY last summer: Wasn't impressed by the crop of guys there. I had much better hits with Tinder although nothing long-term came out of it (I was only in NYC for 10 weeks on a project though).