Monday, June 23, 2014

Update On Trying Something New

Here is my update on trying something new (aka winking or emailing a guy who liked me in "Daily Matches" on, fail.

The two guys I winked at sent me emails almost immediately.  I replied to their emails and they never wrote back.

The three guys I emailed first replied to my emails almost immediately.  Then, I replied to their emails and they never wrote back.

So, I still think for 80% of the guys out there, when they don't email a girl first and saw the girl's profile, that means they simply aren't interested enough.  And the ladies I know who snagged their men by emailing them first?  Well, those guys fall in the 20% or maybe they think "she'll do" because of age, family pressure, desire for children, and whatever other reasons they may have.


  1. I don't think there's anything lost in messaging a guy first. Sure, I found the experience similar to you - if I wrote a guy first, he wrote back, and then I responded, and the chain died. But every now and then, it did lead to a date!

    One thing that helped me get more messages is doing a glamour photo session with some girlfriends. We got dolled up for a night out and then my friend with a really nice professional camera took photos of us. I have it mixed in with pics of me riding camels and hiking waterfalls, so he knows I'm not only into dressing up.

    1. Glad we had similar experiences! Would consider reaching out to guys if I had the time. Between trying to figure out what I want to do, if I want to move, and going to networking events, I'm done