Friday, September 13, 2013

Thoughts On SF

This blurb by Peter Shih is old news, but still an interesting read.  He despises SF and has apologized for this blurb.  However, some of his points are dead on.


  1. Honestly though you can talk the same shit about any city. New York literally stinks and the people can be rude as fuck there. LA.....well it's LA. Chicago, I've never spent enough time there but I'm sure you can find something to bitch about.

    Shih deserved every bit of ridicule he got. All I can say is First World Problems Bro.

  2. For the most part yes. I love this city. But I realize that one day I might have to leave for one reason or another. It's how life works sometimes.

  3. Disagree with a lot of these! The girls who are 4s but act like 9s due to the female-to-male ratio is absurd. I know a lot of single attractive & successful girls in this city (like myself and Adventuresaurus Girl) who would love to meet a nice guy. Unfortunately, we live in Peter Pan land where 35 is the new 25.

    Also, as for lack of parking in SF - ditch your car already and get yourself some nice walking shoes or a bike!

    I've been in SF for 3 yrs but am from Chicago, and I love this city.

    1. Thanks, Sabrina! In addition to Peter Pan, I would say SF also has guys that are 4s, but act like they are 9s. What's our best way to find non Peter Pans here?