Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Rules

Yes, it's true, I practice and believe in The Rules.  Don't think it's manipulating/game playing, as much as, knowing one's worth and being treated well.  Lots of ladies make dating and access into their pants/skirts way too convenient.  I've done The Rules with 90% of the guys I've talked about on this blog.  The Brain is still very interested even though we dated over three years ago.  Smart Guy is still clicking on my OkC profile, all the time.  He has been texting me less, this is probably due to my obvious disinterest and non-responsiveness.  Telling you, The Rules work!

Of The Rules, the big ones I follow:
  • Being mysterious and light (no one likes serious and to be grilled)
  • Not accepting last minute dates (that's just rude, we are not at anyone's beck and call and have stuff to do)
  • Not meeting a guy halfway or going dutch (it's called chivalry and impressing a lady, going dutch is something you do with colleagues at work)
  • Not contacting him first - unless he's contacted me five or six times first (yes, I added the second part in, but don't think I contact guys, ever)
  • Not talking to a guy first (how else am I going to know if he's really interested in me or just talking to me because he's bored - okay, fair I talked to The Brain many years ago, but that was because he was physically in my way and I told him to move)
  • Not getting naked with a quickness (no, just no)

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  1. Oh boy I have broken so many of these rules! But it's all been in the name of charity. I love reading about your trials and tribulations!