Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Son Of A ___

Oh come on!  Smart Guy is still visiting my OkC profile.  AND, he texted me something like "How are you?"  (I already deleted the text or I'd probably throw it in here verbatim.)  Let's do some easy math...it's been more than a month since I last saw him and a couple of weeks since I last replied to one of his texts.  So, as a "mathematical and logical" guy (what he claims to be), shouldn't he stop looking at my profile and contacting me?


  1. So what I noticed about OKC is that a couple certain guys would look at my profile weekly for months and months. I've been thinking this is because I'm on these couple guys' favorites list. I was embarrassed once to see that a guy I used to date was listed under my own "viewed recently" list, even though I hadn't checked out his profile, but then I realized I hadn't deleted him from my favorites.

    This made me think that every time you view your faves list you pop up on their list of people who looked at their profile.

    So if we give him the benefit of the doubt, you're still on Smart Guy's favorites list and he keeps opening the list. If we think the worst, he's a stalker and is checking out your profile daily for updates.

    1. If visiting the Favorites list means I show up on a guy's Visitors list...um, have some larger issues to deal with, must clean out Favorites list pronto. Trying to think back, don't remember seeing some guys in my Viewed Recently list that are on my Favorites list (using the iphone app). Can't remember...

    2. Just checked, visiting the Favorites list does not cause those guys to be on the Visted list. Whew! Hmm, means Smart Guy is a stalker.