Monday, November 12, 2012

Damn You Chemistry

Yes, chemistry is the reason why I went out with Smart Guy again (and he asked politely instead of his stupid normal "Hey there" texts).  Him being an effortless d*ck the first nine or so times we went out should have trumped chemistry, but it did not.  I think this guy is the wolf putting the sheep's clothing back on.  (He's definitely not the wolf in this scenario, I probably am.)  I do wonder, could a guy that was an effortless d*ck really be a guy that is super interested (not a d*ck) and just doesn't know better?  Wait, he must know better if he totally cleaned up his act!

I was reading my friend Sabrina's blog post about not wanting to kiss a guy or be exclusive and it got me thinking.  If I do want to kiss a guy and not be exclusive, is that also a bad sign?  If Smart Guy was the guy I went out with over the weekend, I would consider it.  However, he did show his hand earlier (lack of effort, jealousy, neediness, whiny, etc).  Those issues don't just go away because he decided to try harder.

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  1. I love/hate chemistry! It's a necessary part of any relationship, but it also makes me get attached to men I shouldn't be attached to. What I try to remind myself (doesn't always work) is that I've experienced chemistry before and I'll experience it again...hopefully, next time will be with the right guy! Thanks for the blog shout out :)