Thursday, November 29, 2012

How Much Was My Fault?

I tend to do some reflecting during the holidays.  Was thinking about Smart Guy in terms of "how much was my fault" in order to figure out what to do/what not to do with the next guy.  Okay, so he was insecure to begin with and my constant OkC updates probably didn't help.  However, instead of going about it in a polite manner, he just said obnoxious things and acted out a bit.  And, instead of asking me questions like an adult, he assumed things like me having an affair with my married boss (no, I did not do this).

He's selfish, don't think there's much I could have done to "cause" this.  Don't think I could've caused crudeness or inconsideration either.


  1. It sounds like this guy was just hugely insecure, and he would probably use anything you did outside of him as fuel for that insecurity fire. Not sure you did anything wrong here aside from giving him the benefit of the doubt past his expiration point. ;)

  2. To a certain point I think that 'who people are' is essentially the same no matter the actions of those around them. Even if it doesn't show at first, they are always susceptible to the behaviour that is natural for them. And anyway, it's not our job to babysit insecurities! haha

  3. I don't think you're culpable. Maybe you let it drag out longer than was necessary, but you were trying to give him a chance, not purposely mess with him. Based on how you've described him, you're well rid of Smart Guy!