Friday, November 2, 2012

A Year In Review

The year is not over yet, there are two months left.  Think it is time to take a break from dating.  Some stand out guys from 2012:
  • The guy that told me I am really hot and how bad he wanted to make out with me (this was all within the first two minutes of the date)
  • The guy that wanted to know how many dates it would take for us to hook up
  • The guy that was a d*ck (perhaps unintentionally)
  • The guy that was really fun, but looked at least ten years older than he claimed to be
  • The guy that asked me how match was going while blatantly checking out every girl that walked by
  • The guy that was really rich and had nothing else to offer (sub par education, short, horrible voice)
I am sure I have left some guys off, that's probably for the best.

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