Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Player, Inept, Or Both?

Been giving this some thought; is Smart Guy a player, inept, or both?  He has some signs of player and some signs of social ineptitude.  When I go on dates, I am paying attention; it doesn't look like I am, but trust me, I am.  Come on, he is a smart guy, how does he not know this?  How does he think I got through high school, college, graduate school, and hold a "real job?"

Why would I think Smart Guy is a player?
  • He is insecure (many insecure guys are players because they need women to validate them and how cool they are)
  • He is very active on facebook and probably has thousands of friends (no we are not facebook friends, but I know)
  • He's not asking to be FB friends (something to hide)
  • He was familiar very fast
  • He drives a flashy car and has expensive clothes/accessories (cares about appearances, probably more so than the average guy)
  • He is very suspicious about my whereabouts (guys that are very suspicious are often up to no good themselves)
  • His OkCupid profile has five or six pictures (meaning attention seeker)
  • Don't know much about him other than what his profile says and we've been on a few dates
  • He doesn't know much about me and doesn't seem to be trying to learn more
  • He got touchy feely pretty quickly (think middle school style)
  • He lies about little things and has no idea I've picked up on this (good, by the way, I hate liars)
  • I don't hear from him for days (think part of this is because he is trying to see if I will reach out to him to gauge my interest level)
  • He gets lots of text messages (he is better with a nice electronic barrier)
  • He scopes out other girls in a very obvious manner (yes, this could be him trying to get a reaction.  I don't do jealousy, it just makes me lose respect for guys who attempt this).

The main reasons I don't think he is a player:
  • He has NOT tried to sleep with me (at least not that I am aware of and this is huge since that's usually a player's main objective)
  • He is very into PDA
  • He drives up to take me out (there have got to be much easier girls fewer than 45 miles away from him)
  • He is emotional (meaning he cares, players usually don't care if you are talking to other guys, they encourage it)
Maybe he is trying to be a player, but very bad at it?  Or, maybe he just wants the attention, as in, he wants a girl (any girl) to be all over his sh*t like white on rice which leads to needy.

Hold on, why I am I even giving this any thought?  Not 100% into him, but haven't ruled him out either.  He still has potential.

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