Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I don't respond to Bi guys who contact me.  There is nothing wrong with being gay!  Just don't want a guy who isn't really sure what he is into.


  1. Same! I only got into this mess when a guy didn't admit it until we'd talked for hours. :/ He's now dating a guy! More power to you, but not my thing.

    1. I've had 'straight' men ask me on dates before how I feel about bisexuality. I naively thought they were asking how I felt about bisexuality as an orientation, and then I realized most straight men wouldn't even bring it up.

  2. I agree. A close friend of mine has been dating a man for 3 years that is openly Bi and they are talking weddings and such. I think part of me would always question if I was enough, or if I was what he truly wanted.