Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not Even If You Pay Me

I can't remember if I have mentioned this...there is a site out there called What's Your Price and this caught my attention online:  A New Way to Find a Rich Guy & Wealthy Mate.  No, I don't normally click on ad like links, but I had heard about this website on the news.  I think Gawker called it prostitution or something along those lines.  What is this site really?  It's exactly as interesting as it sounds.  I know you have heard me say, "Guys should pay me to go out with them."  Well, this site facilitates guys paying me to go out with them.

I signed up a while ago and forgot about it.  I recently logged in and found 9 guys that want to pay me for a date.  Just a date!!  The site is pretty clear about not having pimps and hos search for business, so I am going to assume these guys just want a date.  A guy offered me $100.  Is that enough?  Opportunity cost of my time.  I actually rejected some guys even though they are willing to pay me for a date because: guy #1 totally unattractive to me and guy #2 too cocky vibe plus he wanted to negotiate.

This video how it is supposed to work from my side (the attractive side):

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