Sunday, May 15, 2011

New York Guys

I got hit on everywhere in New York. We are talking:

  • Line for a bathroom at a bar
  • Elevator
  • Mall
  • Another line for a bathroom at a restaurant (I was there with a guy, but the bathroom guy didn't seem to care)

I used to think aggressive NY guys were annoying. Nope, not anymore


  1. I was just in NYC too (i'm a guy). Attractive women are everywhere. Everywhere. And they smile. And they will look at you. And they will talk to you if you engage them. I approached and spoke to and hit on women much more than I do in SF. Women in SF are so much more closed off; no smiles, looks, engagement; well, very very little anyway. And sad to say, the percentage of attractive women in NY and LA (and I don't mean only model types) is so much higher than here in SF.

  2. So does that mean you are thinking about moving away from San Francisco? I am...