Friday, November 4, 2016

Very Insecure

I'm a big believer that if you like someone, everything they do or say is great. And if you don't like someone, everything they do or say is terrible.  I have a date with a new guy tonight.  We haven't even met yet and he's getting on my nerves.  He's sent too many texts.  And he confirmed dinner three times.  Right off the bat, that tells me he's very insecure.  Perhaps he's been stood up before.  Perhaps he needs constant reassurance.  I'll meet him and I suspect he won't make it to a second date.


  1. Sending good vibes your way....maybe he will surprise you..I hope!

  2. hope he didn't take you away...half kidding.

  3. I used to tell friends work if you don't see me by at least 11 am, call 911, and tell them I was on a tinder date that either went really really well or really really bad.