Saturday, December 12, 2015

SF Chivalry

I've been traveling to New York a lot.  And compared to NY, SF chivalry is nonexistent.  I've heard many West Coasters talk about how New Yorkers are rude.  I disagree.  I have countless stories of able bodied SF men not giving up their Muni seats for the elderly, very pregnant women, et al.  The NYC I saw, did not have this problem on the subway.  Men were even offering me their seats just because.  I've had countless SF men practically push me over to get through an open door.  In NY, I've had countless doors opened for me.  Chivalry may not be important to everyone, but it is to me.


  1. I work for a big company in a big office building and it is extremely rare that a man does NOT let me on/off the elevator first or hold a door open. On BART I've seen men hesitate before sitting in an empty seat, looking around and tapping ladies asking if they'd like to sit first.

    On all the dates I've been on here, the impolite men are certainly more memorable (in a bad way). But the vast majority of the men I meet show little acts of chivalry. Most guys were just raised that way. I don't know what types of men you encounter in SF but I've never had an issue. It's no different than the men I encountered growing up in St. Paul.

    1. Hi, if you want a "different" ie bad encounter, I highly recommend Muni during rush hour to the Marina

  2. I won't say New Yorkers are rude. There are different people, like and everywhere. The thing is just that in big cities people have more stresses and that's why it may seem they are rude...