Friday, December 4, 2015

It Happened Again

It happened again!  A guy emailed me and then six hours later he sent me another email asking me if I got the first one and asking me why I haven't replied yet.  It's been six hours.  Have some patience.  I planned to reply and now I don't plan on replying...ever.


  1. That's the worst! It's sad, but these little things really do show that something is off about a guy - things like this cause me to eliminate guys very quickly too!

    Example #1: Within the first 5 texts, one guy told me I couldn't have a sleepover with him because his furniture hadn't arrived at his new place yet. Ummm...yeah just the fact that his mind goes there so quickly and that he doesn't have the filter to keep that in was enough for me to stop responding completely. And he never understood why either.

    Another guy: Within the first couple texts, he said he had never been to the west coast, especially because they don't like "conservative Christians" like him over there. I would rarely write anyone off for their religion or political stance, but the fact that he throws this label of himself out like that, immediately, says that something is off. Not attractive, and the fact that this is one of the first descriptors he uses for himself makes me think that his conservatism is over the top. Didn't write back to him ever again either, even I thought he was a cutie.

    1. Hi M! It's like these little things serve as big warnings LOL. Did the 5 text guy ask you why you stopped responding?