Sunday, August 30, 2015

SF Is Very Very Small

I keep forgetting SF is very very small.  While I was walking around by Yerba Buena, saw this guy I went on a date with a month ago.  I think we both pretended not to see each other, LOL.  This did not offend me, feelings of no spark were mutual.


  1. Happens to me all the time. See the same ppl at the same places on different dates.

    1. LOL! Also funny when you see someone and you can't figure out why they look familiar; days later, you realize you've gone out before. This has happened to me

  2. I once chatted with a cute guy at a party for 30 min before realizing we'd gone out once before. I have to see my former first date hook up 3 days a week because we religiously attend the same spin class. Oh and one of my good friends in SF and I dated the same guy (a year apart) for several months each.