Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grow Up

New Leaf Guy has been trying to play facebook games with me while he's on his work trips.  I'll check in somewhere and he'll email me something long and obnoxious about how I'm having a great time while he's slaving away.  Then he'll post some photo of a nice meal.  I'm not playing and he's been disqualified, so?

He has sent me a few emails, texts, facebook messages about business related things.  I have responded cordially to those.


  1. Why are you FB friends with him? I automatically de-friend and block exes (even guys I just dated but wasn't in a relationship with). I also never add/accept guys until we're official and even then, it's not always a good idea because there's far too much analyzing over check-ins, pictures, and timings of posts.

    1. Hi Sabrina, I don't add guys to fb either, unless we are friends. New Leaf Guy and I started out as friends and I felt petty de-friending him (I did block him from my feed) :-)