Friday, March 14, 2014

Boom! This Is A Great Example Of A Very Interested Guy

Boom!  This is a great example of a very interested guy:
  • Guy texts me some banal question
  • I respond 24+ hours later because I didn't like the question.  I didn't like it so much that it slipped my mind
  • Guy responds to my text almost instantaneously with another banal question
  • I respond 24+ hours later because I didn't like the question (again); I didn't like it so much that it slipped my mind (again)
  • Guy responds to my text and asks me out to dinner 12+ hours later (I am happy about this because I find pointless question texting to be irritating)
  • I respond yes to dinner 12+ hours later
  • Guy responds with a time and place 12+ hours later
  • I respond okay to time and place 12+ hours later
At first, I was irritated by his "How are you" type of questions because I genuinely do not believe you can "get to know someone" by hunting and pecking out a message on your cellphone.  Will someone really know me better because my day was "awesome" or my weekend was "interesting?"  No

Why do I think he is very interested?
  • He'll be driving 60+ miles to meet me
  • He did not propose we meet halfway (turnoff)
  • We did not have endless rounds of back and forth texting (irritating)
  • He asked for a Saturday night (I've always thought Saturday nights are bigger deal than other nights)
  • He wasn't put off by my extremely slow text response times


  1. Do you feel joy acting this way, or the procedure is part of a larger plan?:)

    I'm just percieving this as you playing part of the "Interested enough" mating game so would like to understand your motivations better

    1. I want a guy who is really interested in me. Not a guy who is interested in finding a date because he is bored, he has nothing better to do, she's the only girl who responded, etc

  2. It seems too formulaic. You could figure out his interest based on him asking you out, rather than playing these games of when to respond and how to respond, and purposely being difficult to test him. Guys don't like that stuff, they can sense "DRAMA QUEEN" right away.

    1. Months ago, I said, no more nicey nice to comments (, so don't think I'm just picking on you.

      Dear Anon,

      I'm not sure which part you are saying is a game...I've already said that I didn't want to respond to this guy's trite questions. On several occasions, I thought about totally ignoring him and never responding. As for 12+ hours to respond to a text, I am not one of those technology addicted people who looks at their phone 15x a minute because I have nothing better to do. Yes, I do go 12+ hours without checking my phone. Also, I don't reply to people when I think they're sleeping. This guy was simply very interested and okay with me being "unplugged," and not constantly checking my phone because I have the attention span of a gnat.

      Stop judging and criticizing others. Yes, I do believe this is what you are doing when you say I'm "...purposely being difficult to test him." I live how I want and you live how you want. I don't care for your "advice." I also don't care about what you think guys want because it is very likely that you are 1) a girl that will do anything a guy says because you are really insecure or 2) a guy that never gets a "yes"


    2. I don't think that Anonymous meant harm, but maybe it was the way your post was written, AG. It's cool you don't check your phone constantly or want to text people in the middle of the night. Maybe you should just say that up front. Your post made it sound like you were doing this on purpose.

  3. Sometimes it's just hard for people to get conversations going.