Sunday, March 16, 2014

Date Recap

So, went out with this guy and he was a perfect gentleman.  He wasn't super braggy, which was a nice change.  He paid for dinner and he dropped me off.  He lives really far away (60+ miles), so I don't think he's a potential long term prospect, but if he asked me out again, I'd go.


  1. That's awesome!! Don't rule him out because of 60 miles....if he's the right one that's an easy fix. :)

  2. I'd normally say 60+ miles away is Geographically Undesirable, but you already knew this up front and you liked him, so it's worth a shot. So rare to find people who fit your criteria and are actually likeable in person!

    1. He had a good personality, but I do believe chemistry is missing (as in, I can't see myself making out with him)