Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tis The Season

Tis the season to be stalked by exes, guys you've given your number to, guys you've gone out with a couple of times, etc.  In the past week, Smart Guy has contacted me five times and I've responded to zero of these attempts.

A part of me does wonder what goes on in his head.  It's like, girl won't respond to any message I send her in 12+ months, but I am going to pretend everything is okay and ask her out anyway?  At least try to throw in an apology, usually someone has done something wrong when the other person straight up stops talking to him/her.

I have no respect for him, not because he keeps contacting me (this is not unusual, almost every girl I know has at least one guy that won't stop contacting her).  I feel bad for him because he acts like he's better than everyone else (for example, he used to make fun of total strangers when we went out, when these people did nothing to him) when he's really a miserable, insecure, and desperate ass who intentionally or unintentionally makes people around him feel bad about themselves.


  1. Does it depend on the guy or whether you slept with him if he contacts you at some point after the "relationship" ends? I feel like if you sleep with them, they're not likely to contact you again, regardless of how it ended. Guys usually contact you if you show you aren't interested anymore. Damn games I tell you.

    1. Hi Tourettes, nope, doesn't matter. Asked a couple of my girlfriends and they have the same answer