Thursday, December 19, 2013


To a certain degree, all guys brag.  There is a huge difference between:
  1. Bragging to make you think he is worthy, and
  2. Bragging to try to make you feel inferior
I meet a lot of guys in category number two...or maybe they are trying to be in category one and are really overdoing it.


  1. I have noticed more and more often that sarcasm seems to be a really popular way for our generation to communicate with one another, which is really disappointing. It gets to the point where you can't tell anymore whether or not they're joking. If you call them out on it (in this case, teasing you and thereby making you ferl inferior), they act like you're the one who can't take a joke.

    1. Sarcasm is a big turnoff...I find that it's often used by people who are very unhappy with their lives