Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Date A Week

I've been dating a lot recently and averaging a different guy or two every week (this is a lot for me).  I haven't written about all of them because there isn't much to say and I don't want to rehash train wrecks in great detail.

So, a nice summary...you already know about the older guy I went to dinner with.  Then there was a younger guy I went ice skating with.  He was nice, but there was no chemistry.  Then there was the attorney that I didn't find attractive; too bad, he was also nice.  I declined a dinner invitation from surgeon with his own practice because he chastised me on the importance of marriage and serious relationships before we had even met.  Then I went to a party with a tech guy as his date ("just a friend" is how it was sold to me), he was patronizing.  Oh yeah, he was also acting like I was his girlfriend. 

Besides the younger guy (mid 30s), the others are 45 + year olds.


  1. Wow, you've got a lot of dates. I wish I can also do that so I can have more options. :)

    1. DateinSky, you could go on a date per day if you wanted! It's just an organizational nightmare :)

      AG - good for you for giving older guys a try. It's not for me, but it sounds like these older men are closer to what you want.