Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Had It Coming

The girl The Brain made out with New Year's Eve has it coming.  After chatting with some friends, a couple of things occurred to me:
  1. She was trying to make me feel bad (lol, good luck with that one, I'm very confident) - it was her idea to make out so close to where I was sitting.  She doesn't realize I gave him to her
  2. She has no idea what kind of guy he really is (he has a habit of trying to mess around or actually messing around with me when he has a girlfriend)
All I can say is, if they do end up dating and I happen to be around, she had it coming.


  1. An Interesting hypothesis, one thing that still stands amiss is, why do you care?
    My theory, (which is increasingly gaining repute) is that you care because you see something they have and you don’t have, and you believe will never have?
    It’s just an observation based on your writings, I could be completely wrong, you could be a selfless heart warming loveable human being, but the odds are stacked very highly against that unfortunately.

    1. I guess I care or used to care because I feel like I was "wronged" by him in the past and never had the opportunity to really give him a piece of my mind.