Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Head Has Stopped Hurting, But I Am Still Amazed

Went to bed extremely early last night and my head has stopped hurting, yes!

Happy New Year, readers!!

My friend Sabrina guessed correctly, The Brain had a NYE party.  He rushed to my side for a kiss at midnight.  Not a complete party pooper, I went with it.  Then he wanted to talk...about how much he misses me, how much he loves me, and how badly we need to talk about us.  Us?  We are "just friends" (which I still think is totally impossible).  If anything, this proves just how impossible it is.

Part two of the evening. 
To put it lightly, The Brain was drunk (he was so drunk he kept falling over).  He would randomly find me, try to talk, whisper some incoherent things in my ear, put his arm around me, go in for a hug, give me a peck on the cheek, and wander away.  Remember that girl from a couple of weeks ago?  That girl that is "just friends" with The Brain?  Well, she was also at the party and started to put some serious "moves" on him after she saw the midnight kiss.  She was hanging off his arm (literally), grabbing at his face, putting her face up against his (where he kept turning away), jumping on his back, etc. By this point she knows:
  1. We used to date and
  2. He ran to me for a midnight kiss
No really, girl, like I said last time, have some self respect!  He kept asking me to "help him."  I tried to pry her off a couple of times, but let her have my sloppy seconds without a fight.  He's a big boy and should know how to handle these situations.  Any guy that wants me to fend off a girl is no guy of mine.

And then...
They ended up making out (three feet away from me) at last call and probably went home together.  Says a lot when a girl has to get a guy trashed to hook up with him, especially since she knows when he is thinking clearly, he's just not that into her.  Does she think this will miraculously turn into a relationship and they will get married?  Still don't see her as competition.  Why? 
  1. She can have him, I don't compete for guys
  2. She doesn't have anything on me (his friends were avoiding her because she is really chatty, she has a not so good education, she doesn't have that great of a job, she's not the best looking girl (not ugly either), etc). 
If I wanted to stop her/them that night, I could have.  I can do better than this sh*t.  I could have taken advantage of one of his good friends to "get even," but I didn't...think I've grown up (this is something I totally would have done a couple of years ago).

I was pretty annoyed yesterday, thought it was such a major party foul to be making out with her after making out with me especially since he professed his undying love for me earlier in the evening.  If he wasn't trying to have a talk with me or looking for me at midnight I wouldn't have been annoyed with their antics.  I saw their actions as making a fool out of me (although, she did take my sloppy seconds, so...).

And this is why he is an ex!  Kinda felt bad for the guy because 1) he was really drunk (totally uninterested in her when he was sober) and 2) the door on that second chance he wanted with me wasn't even fully opened before it got slammed shut, right in his face (he can thank himself for this).  It would take A LOT for me to consider giving him a second chance now...a lot!

New guys for me when I come out of my break from guys!!


  1. I retract my previous comment, which you neglected to publish (good call).
    As new information has come to light, it seems that you and the brain have a lot more in common than first thought and may even be suited to each other, it’s so transparent you’re still clearly into him, but you seem to be the only one that can’t see it, or you’re just in denial.

    More food for thought.

    1. Just went through 240 "spam" comments and realized your comments are legit. No, not into him, but of course, believe he is into me.