Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Know

Everyone has fears.  I was reading a book that was talking about fears and how they unconsciously hold us back.  I know many ladies who are scared of being 50 and single with 12 cats.  This won't happen!!!  Just know this!  Or at least, don't turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you do the math, there should be thousands of guys that are right for you.  Don't believe in perfection, but I do believe in "right."  Let's break down the US population (this is just a demonstration, numbers are only estimates).
  • There are about 315 million people in the US (January 2013)
  • Say 42% of them are men = 132.3 million
  • Say 40% of them are single = 52.92 million
  • Say 10% of those guys are guys you would actually go out with due to personality, age, occupation, education, looks, whatever = 5.29 million
  • Then you factor in location and whatever else you can think of = tens if not hundreds of thousands of guys that could be right for you
Remember, this is just me playing with math to illustrate there are many available men.  Scrap the idea that there is only "The One" and go for the idea that there are so many guys that could be "right" for you.


  1. Another very interesting concept from AG, although we haven't taken into account the all-important pernickety aspect, which for you, could potentially whittle your figures down to a maximum of four eligible candidates. (Obviously, excluding myself!)

    As always a very captivating read.