Friday, January 21, 2011

That's How You Talk To Me?

I don't know much about men being from Mars or women being from Venus, but I have noticed there are some communication differences.  I know a guy who talks down to all his friends; these are supposedly "good friends" of his.  He doesn't tease them, he gets personal.  He rips on family, perceived cultural differences, physical attributes, and more.  Some guys let it bother them and take it, some guys talk back, and others don't care enough to comment or formulate a rebuttal.

Maybe this just how guys talk to each other, but I find that difficult to believe since a lot of my friends are guys.  Yeah, they pick on each other, but it's not as mean spirited as what I have recently seen. 

If you are the kind of guy who really rips on your friends (think nasty, not funny), you really shouldn't talk to girls that way.  I can guarantee it will not be well received unless she is desperate (if that's your type, go for it).

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