Saturday, January 29, 2011

Him Again

You guys remember "The Player?"  Really nice teeth, pretty good body, and that's about it?  Yeah, the same guy that:
  1. Tricked me into a date (we were supposed to be in a group, ALL his friends got sick) and
  2. Has called, emailed, and texted asking me random things (I have never written, called, etc. back)
He is asking me random questions again.  I am still not replying to his email. 

I always complain about guys not being that aggressive.  The Player is being aggressive, so I will give him credit where credit is due.  If he wasn't an aggressive guy, he never would have gotten my name, my number, or a chance to go out with me. 

Guys: continue to be aggressive, although you may not need to, maybe you will wear her down one least you will get opportunities that you might not have gotten without manning up.

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