Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I met up with a guy (he doesn't even qualify for an alias) for coffee.  I couldn't throw down scalding coffee fast enough.  Oh how I almost forgot this story, probably due to the fact that I was trying to block it out.

First, he wanted me to meet at a time convenient for him.  No.  Second, he wanted me to meet near his office.  No.  We decided we would meet at a time and place that was convenient for both of us.  Okay.  He was late and the agreed coffee shop was very busy (things are not looking to good for him).  We left the first Starbucks and went to another.  While we were walking up the street, a homeless lunged at me and tried to grab my arm.  This guy I was with laughed (things are straight up looking bad for him).

So, we get to the second Starbucks and sit down.  He blatantly checked me out when I took off my coat.  He then whines about how hungry he is (grow a pair and stop your bitching).  He brags about how he just finished his graduate degree...not sure what is worse, where he went to school or the University of Phoenix.  The whole "date?"  15 minutes.  Since this "date" in November, he has called me.  I have no plans to ever see him again.

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