Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Brain tried to get a jealous reaction out of me on at least three different occasions that I can remember.  Why?  Because he is insecure and wanted to be validated and assured.  I did not give him the reaction he was looking for.  If you genuinely like someone, why in the world would you try to make them feel bad, nervous, or annoyed?

Has getting a girl jealous ever worked for a guy?  The girls I know get mad and leave the picture.  If that is considered "working," then it works.

Insecurity is an interesting topic.  I have either a) not met many insecure guys or b) met a lot of insecure guys who are great at hiding it.  If a guy doesn't think he is good, hot, rich, smart...enough for me, why should I want to continue dating him?  He knows himself better than I do.  I'll believe him...he's not good enough for me.

I am confident.  I do not think I am the prettiest, smartest, skinniest, nicest, funniest...girl in San Francisco, but I think I can hold my own.  Yes, one of the reasons guys like me is because I am confident.  However, this is also something they can't handle?  Preposterous!

A friend once told me something like, if a guy tries/makes you feel insecure, let your insecurity be your guide...I think she left out "to get the f--k out."

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