Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am scared.  I have an official first date with The Brain over the weekend.  I am not scared that I am going on a date.  I am scared because I can say with an 85% confidence interval that he wants to marry me.  No, a ring will not be thrown into a glass of champagne over the weekend; not this weekend...

So what am I afraid of?  Everything.  Yes, I bitch and moan about not being able to find decent guys in SF, but now that a decent guy has found me, I turn into a high school girl.  I am so used to dating guys with no potential that when one with potential shows up, I freak out.

This poor guy has it worse off.  He's already nervous around me in non-date settings and I would bet that it is only multiplying as the days go by.

Is he "the one" I have been waiting for?  Is there something missing?  Where is that checklist?  He has the brains, sense of humor, wit, money, education, manners...

What is scarier:
  1. Discovering he is "the one" OR
  2. Discovering he is not "the one"
 Is this something I really want to discover right now?  I want to procrastinate...

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