Sunday, January 10, 2010

When On A Date

I am not sure about The Brain.  He is fun, but maybe he is more fun as a friend?  We went on the date and it went well for the first half.  Then he got serious.  I am not a psychiatrist, so why tell me about baggage, issues, etc?  No, the list below is not all him, but he did touch upon a few.

Issues to Avoid:
  • Ex Anything (wife, girlfriend, fiance, dog, house...)
  • Childhood hardships involving siblings, parents, school, friends, society, neighbors, yadda yadda
  • Other girls
  • Hair loss
  • Stories that take a long time to tell, have no point, are boring, and have no end
  • Perceived racism (all of you were pushing me to date an Asian guy and all of them have talked about this)
  • An extreme amount of ethnic pride (see if a white guy did this, we would show him to the next klanmember meeting, but this is okay for Asian guys)?
  • Money (how much things cost, how one does/doesn't have it, and how expensive things are)
  • Inability to fix things (sinks, cars, washers, windows...)
  • Disinterest in cars, yachts, planes, robots, and other types of machinery
  • Anything else that would make one look like a p#ssy
  • How one has no "game"
  • Major regrets
It looks like SF guys just don't know how to date.

I think I might be depressed.  Dating can be fun, but it hasn't been...  I need to find new guys, where am I supposed to find them?


  1. I think this is a GOOD list! I dated a guy who would talk endlessly about his ex girlfriend and WHY she's his ex. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "why aren't you two together? You're both obviously made for each other." I've tried to add dating into my weblog, but I have such a hard time with discretion! Hahaha. I would tell about everything, including the mole on his butt. :p

  2. Wonderful article mate. Some of the major things that are need to be concentrated during the date is presented well

  3. Thanks for posting such a nice tips when we do for a date with a girl. It would be very useful

  4. I like this list a lot. And I've BEEN on dates like this! :) People like to tell me everything, but on the first or second date? I think that's a little FAST, but believe it or not, it has happened to me, more than once. I need to write about that.

    I just added you to my blogroll. I love your blog!


  5. You need to get over yourself lady.