Monday, November 9, 2015

No No

New Leaf Guy has been trying to get my attention on FB by posting pictures from restaurants we've been to, articles on topics we've discussed at length, et al.  I feel a little bad for him.  He could have gotten what he wanted (me continuing to date him) if he had just been more considerate.  When we were together, he did some passive aggressive "acting out" things (not all the time, of course).  This one comes to mind, chit chatting on the phone (when he was already late meeting me) and continuing the conversation for another 15 minutes in front of me because he knew I was already annoyed.  No no.

The "perfect on paper" spell has been broken for a while now.  Rose colored glasses have been tossed aside.  Even worse for him, when I used to see his posts, I'd feel a tinge of something (mainly annoyance) and now I feel nothing.

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