Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You'll Find It When You Aren't Looking

Single and married people have always said something like, "You'll find it when you aren't looking."  Is there any truth to it?  I go from looking to not looking, back to looking many many times over the course of a year.

I don't think I've been truly looking for years.  I gave up because I didn't find what I wanted to find and/or I really like being single.  Even though I gave up, I continued going on dates because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on the possibility that he could be the right guy.  There are so many other things I'd rather be doing than going on lukewarm dates.


  1. I hope you find the one.. Im married, but when i was single it was so tough to sift through men..dating is tough.... so many regrets and silly times... ..hello! =) just blog hopping by...

  2. I think that statement exists to give comfort primarily. But there is some value to it. When you're not constantly on the prowl or putting pressure on every date, you may become more open to meeting someone, more relaxed/casual around a guy you like, and therefore more appealing.

    1. I wish I felt some pressure and got nervous on dates. That tells us that I've met no one interesting lately or in years, LOL

  3. Unrelated to your post but this article made me think of you, since you're interested in dating articles/research. This relates relationship success to credit score (http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/brookings-now/posts/2015/10/how-your-credit-score-could-predict-the-success-of-your-relationship-in-5-charts) and marriage-able men (http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/social-mobility-memos/posts/2015/09/22-shortage-marriageable-men-brief-sawhill)