Monday, October 26, 2015

Jobs To Meet Men

A girlfriend and I have talked about jobs to meet men in the past.  Well, the head of my department was let go and heads are going to roll.  Rather than getting another job where I am essentially held hostage in an office for 60+ hours a week, it's time for something different.  The money is good in my current line of work, but I abhor it (the structure, managing the same people every day, trying to stay awake in meetings where people point fingers at one another, et al).  I want something very different and might as well meet men/people while I am at it.

Jobs to meet men/new people:
  • Anything in tech
  • Biz Dev/Sales
  • Relationship Manager 
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Journalist
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Receptionist (major corporation, medical office, small business, et al)
  • Hostess/Waitress
  • Barista
  • Car Dealership
  • Flight Attendant 
  • Bank Teller
  • Apple Store Associate
  • Cashier (Trader Joe, Safeway, Whole Foods, Banana Republic, et al)
  • Dog Walker 
My salary is something I'd gladly trade to get out of corporate least for a while.


  1. basically any job where you interact with people.

  2. I'm actually shocked to see you say you'd trade in salary for something outside of Corporate America...seems so unlike you! ;)

    1. But what if he thinks the way you do and won't date someone who doesn't have a Corporate America job?

    2. This is funny, I've asked around about this and my findings show that men don't care about this. Some very very successful male friends I have are seriously involved with waitresses, bartenders, and hair stylists. They like that she doesn't have a stressful job and are more relaxed

    3. I know plenty of guys that would never date a non-professional woman because they can't relate. Or some that might date her a little bit, but never marry.

    4. Are you in SF? SF guys are a bit different. I know LA and NY guys (doctors, investment bankers, attorneys, CEOs, et al) who married a bartender, Starbucks barista, and hair stylist. Another one is about to propose to his waitress girlfriend

  3. I worked as a cashier for 5+ years after college at one of the stores you mentioned. It was a high-traffic area and lots of hot men came through my checkout area, but very few asked me out - a lot of them thought I was in high school. I felt like it wasn't a good place to get asked out. Just a thought before you make a big jump. Also, dealing with the high maintenance customers was a pain in the butt.