Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love At First Sight

This article talks about love at first sight.  From speaking with a variety of people, it seems like this happens to men more than women.

I've definitely experienced lust at first sight, don't think I've experience love at first sight.  According to this article, one of the ingredients to love is thinking the other person is interested.  Never really noticed this, but it does make sense if someone is more interested in another person because he/she thinks that person is interested in him/her.


  1. I'm more of the lust at first sight mindset, like you. If it turns into love, that's just good odds. But a reaction like that can only be lust. Love is a choice.

    I met my ex husband at a Halloween party and I could claim love at first sight, but I didn't even know him. I just thought he was hot and wanted to see if there was real chemistry. Turns out there was, but it was short-lived.

  2. I don't agree that love is a choice. If it were, then unrequited love wouldn't exist. Sometimes, people fall in love and can't choose to fall out even if the love is unreciprocated, the relationship is bad for them, etc.

  3. We can agree to disagree on that then.