Saturday, March 9, 2013

Never Ever Ever Again

I loaned a girlfriend money...this was more than a year ago.  She is still paying me back, but often "forgets."  Instead of returning everything in one lump sum, she is doing installments (minuscule amounts) every month.  Had I known it would take two or so years for her to pay me back, I wouldn't have lent her the money.

It's true, loaning money does ruin friendships. I don't think we'll continue to be friends after her debt is repaid.  I'm pretty sure she has the money, but is just taking her sweet time, not sure why...I know where she lives and am not above breaking kneecaps.  Never ever ever loaning anyone money again.

Apparently, when a guy loans a girl money, the girl can "work it off."


  1. Yeah, I'd say loaning money to a current girlfriend or boyfriend can often put strain on your relationship. It is a bad idea for the same reasons that it's not recommended that you go into business with your significant other. Loaning money basically turns it into a business relationship, at least on some level.

  2. Never lend to a guy you're dating either.

  3. Never ever lending anyone money ever again!