Friday, March 29, 2013

Gamer Convention

Yes, the Gamer Convention has been in town this week.  I have no business attending any of their parties/networking events, but I did go to one.

  • 95% guys
  • 90% of the guys that talked to me and/or my girl friend were nice
  • 100% of the guys were socially awkward (think over sharing information with strangers about ex girlfriends, talking about their awesome programming skills and dislike of other human beings, etc)
  • 99% of the guys I met were not guys I would want to date, I could be friends with some of them, sure
I met one guy who could be okay (because he's tall, in shape, and could hold a decent conversation), then I found out he is in his early 20s.  He emailed me wanting to see me sometime.  I might go out with him to check out his maturity level.  He's got a great body (FB led me to a shirtless picture).

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