Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh Yeah, Super Bowl

Gal pal was in town, went out to a house party for Super Bowl. 

Also, saw The Brain (who is now dating the girl from New Year's) over the weekend.  It's really funny that he wants me to care and be jealous.  If he was so happy with this girl, shouldn't he be more concerned with his and her happiness rather than trying to make me unhappy?

Think she's a backup.  He professed his undying love for me that night, I did not return the sentiment, and he is now with her.  Oh, and he also doesn't remember how they got together because he was so drunk on NYE (this is what she told people, unflattering). 

I do things; my hand was somewhere it shouldn't have been for an hour, for all to see; he should have moved it, but he didn't.

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