Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Dating Cycle

I've been paying closer attention to this, the dating cycle.  Around New Year's people:  1) stick with who they've been dating even though they are lukewarm, just because, 2) try to find a girlfriend/boyfriend fast because it is a resolution, or 3) hibernate for the winter.  Valentine's brings people closer or farther apart. 

Then, it's spring/summer which means:  1) breaking up with the person you've been hibernating with all winter because it's getting warm out and you know know you were slumming, 2) getting engaged, or 3) coming out of hibernation and meeting new people. 

And then, back to the holidays:  1) you are part of a happy couple, you do holiday stuff together, 2) if you are part of an unhappy couple, it unravels (usually around Thanksgiving), and 3) if you are dating someone newish, you make it official or call it quits.

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