Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not Ready

Don't know if I am ready for a relationship.  Thinking I am not (either because I haven't met the right guy or it's not the right time).  Really thought I was.  I get freaked out easily.  This isn't directed towards anyone in particular, or is it?  Who knows, maybe he feels the same way.  The momentum (and my giddiness) are at super low levels right now. 

I also feel "off."  Smart Guy is great in person, but I am kinda uncomfortable right now (had some unpleasant conversations with him).  I know, totally singing a different tune today (compared to a couple of weeks ago).  I think he is judgmental and might also be close-minded (he really didn't seem that way in person).  I don't walk on eggshells, not part of my nature!  A friend had a great point, it's a good thing I'm learning all this stuff now versus later.

Couldn't care less if he does or doesn't contact me (yes, I do flip flop on this depending on the hour of the day).


  1. I completely understand that "off" feeling, Adventuresaurus Girl! My married friends often tell me - it's not supposed to be difficult, especially at the beginning. He's supposed to impress you, not annoy or offend you. (I am speaking generally here, not just about Smart Guy).

  2. Hey Sabrina, I agree with your married friends. Smart Guy is probably not going to make the cut.